Mind Set

Have you ever stopped and put some serious thought into how important your mind set is to your everyday life?
Do you realize that it is the thin line between Normal and Great?
Many of us are so comfortable in that losing mind set because it is developed from what society has fed us even when they have taught us something different… puzzling but true.. stop and reflect on your life in general, then reflect on it over again focusing on the things that are labelled as failure… why did you just look at that simple situation 3 or 4 times.. I guess you are only now realizing that you missed a lesson in life, not only missed a lesson you handled the situation poorly. Is it too late to fix it? Whatever the answer you come up with you have started to cross over to that winning mind set. You now feel a rush of adrenalin, a hunger and craving for a better you but dang what are my friends and family going to say when I inform them of my next move? You just went 3 steps forward to run 10 back.
Yes you ran 10 steps back because you went back to the mind-set that your moves in life should be controlled by the opinions of Family, Friends and society rather than they supporting you or validating before you make that move… Remember my last blog spoke about Trusting the Process, well everything in this life we live is a process and the results of that process is guided by Your Mind set. Think of all the Greats or the Success Stories, what was the difference between them being normal or great? They All changed their mind set. They all changed what they would accept and what they would do different. When I tell people that I have learnt to live on 4hrs of sleep a day they look at me like you are crazy but I’m not.. I have to develop a winning mind-set that cause me to make changes on how I manage my 24hrs, what sacrifices I will make, what honest changes I had to make in my lifestyle, what things that I will keep in my heart and mind, what is friendship and who are the important pieces in my life.. You will hear my talk about a power circle from time to time and I will do a blog on it and you may be surprised at who or how I built my power circle but those are some of the serious changes I had to make in order to develop a Winning mind set. Some have bigger changes to make than others. Some just need to be willing to just JUMP. Stop take some time and invest in you and Reflect. Analyse your Mind set. Investigate if it’s making you a winner or loser we all want to be winners why sell ourselves short by not making an adjustment to the one thing that controls our every move. Our Mind set. The Key to the Great Person you were born to be.

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Trust the Process

In 2004 I was excited to be invited to a meeting with high profile decision makers. Full of excitement and eager to ask the questions that would open the door to my professional future and help me complete my thesis, I was met with the one response I didn’t see coming, “We don’t have a Job for you”. Shocked by the response I hit back with aggression, “I didn’t ask you for a Job”. Disappointed and overwhelmed I started to question the past 4 years of my life and wonder did I pick the Right Industry to study. Why didn’t I follow my childhood dream and become an Engineer?

As time passed and work on my thesis continued ideas started to pop in my head about the different areas of the Sports industry that I could work in, but, what stood out to me the most was working for yourself but how could I get this done in an Industry that is seen as a hobby or recreation? Completing my Thesis on a Proposal to restructure Sports should help but who was I fooling, why change a system that isn’t broken? One person believed in the Idea but could only give moral support and encourage me to take whatever the system has to offer but Mummy raised me to Think Big.

I accepted an Offer to become a teacher and figured out that’s’ my opportunity to influence the System. What better place to be.  But, I was in for a reality check and along the 11 year journey I can say I’ve seen both positive and negative but most importantly I was building the foundation for where I am today without even realizing that I had to walk that path. Those 11 years took me on a reality trip of the Sports industry and along that trip I got the chance to build My Network, Qualifications and Most Importantly Myself.

Many asked what’s next for you and I humbly answered what’s in my head and my Passion for Sports. My passion for sports was so wide that setting my goals and direction was hard but the Market always has the answers once we stop and pay attention to what it’s saying and the echoed voice of my mother reminding me that life is about people. The combination of those 2 have been unlocking doors that I never expected.

The Process started and will continue and all I can do is TRUST THE PROCESS. Welcome to Coach Lint’s Consultancy and hope you Enjoy Coach Lint’s Timeout

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Fitness 101

Last week we talked about Fitness and Promised to go in depth this week about fitness so here is a short lesson on Fitness


  • The ability of the body to carry out everyday activities with little fatigue and enough energy left for emergencies



The factors that collectively determine fitness levels, each of which can be measured.

These components are divided into:

  1. Health-related fitness
  2. Skill-related fitness



These are related to how well the systems of your body work.

  1. Cardiovascular fitness/Stamina: the ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of time.
  2. Body Composition: the percentage of body fat compared to lean body mass
  3. Flexibility: the range of movement possible at a joint.
  4. Muscular Strength: the amount of force that can be produced by a single contraction of a muscle.
  5. Muscular Endurance: how long a muscle group continue muscle movement without fatigue.



These components determine, to a large extent, how successful we are at developing skills and participating in sports.

  1. Speed: how quickly you move from point A to point B
  2. Agility: how quickly you change direction while moving
  3. Balance: how well you keep yourself from falling down while standing still or moving around
  4. Coordination: how well the senses and the different parts of the body work together to perform activities
  5. Reaction Time: how quickly you start to move after receiving a signal
  6. Power: how quickly you apply the full force of your muscles


Any Questions?

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We all Love to say I’m on the Grind or the Hustle, and its Great but we don’t Grind or Hustle to our full potential.. Yes i said it we are All Bark and No Bite cause we don’t maintain our body. Here is a question to think bout: Can your car work properly without Maintenance?

GREAT!! so if you know that why don’t you treat your body with the same respect? why don’t you invest in regular and proper maintenance?

Stop Feeling Guilty and Stop  making Excuses!!!

Time to JUMP(Just Use My Power). That inner power to make the changes and get up and improve the Grind. A car cant work without Proper Maintenance so to your Body can’t work to it’s full potential without a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle which is a Balance Diet and Regular Exercise. The Balance Diet  is the fuel that keeps our body going and that is a topic of a next Blog but Regular Exercise to improve the functioning of the body, to improve the GRIND(higher production rate at work), to keep stress levels down, to cut medical bills(did i say that one Loud enough?), to be able to respond to emergencies just to name a few.

There are so many myths out there about working out/gyms/strength training etc, one cant truly be their Best without Proper Maintenance and that is by effectively improving the different components of fitness which we will look at in next weeks blog.

So time to get up, make that positive change, get moving, start exercising, get to a gym, get a Trainer or Training partner..

Effort Over Excuses.

You want to Improve your Grind. Add FITNESS to your Schedule.. No More Excuses, Make the Time, Make the Investment.

Don’t set Goals that you are going to Reach and go back to your Old Self, it’s Out with the Old habits and In with a New lifestyle, Yes make it a lifestyle change and you will see your Grind reach New Heights..

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Just Use My Power(JUMP), Don’t wait for it take it!!!

What are you afraid of?

Why is Failure stopping you?

Why so many negative questions circling in your head?

You are still reading so open your mind, get ready, get set, GO

When you wake up each day, how does your Body feel? What do you think of the society you live in? Are you ready to wake up and be better than you were yesterday?

Life is full of questions with many answers that feed our mind, body and soul in so many ways that we are either healthy or eating us away like a cancer creating an unhealthy human being but you have a choice to JUMP or fall.

So “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” simple but powerful. It’s time to wake up and make some changes that will improve your Health, help you be more productive, more positive, make you that champion that you are born to be. And you say ME a Champion? NEVER.  And I say YES come, Take a JUMP with me, let’s make that change, let’s start a new journey.

Where do you start you ask? Let’s start by jumping into a Lifestyle of Fitness. How do you make that jump you say by making it your first positive change? Get a free Lifestyle Consultancy at Coach Lint’s Consultancy Inc as part of there March Madness Deals. Contact



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