We all Love to say I’m on the Grind or the Hustle, and its Great but we don’t Grind or Hustle to our full potential.. Yes i said it we are All Bark and No Bite cause we don’t maintain our body. Here is a question to think bout: Can your car work properly without Maintenance?

GREAT!! so if you know that why don’t you treat your body with the same respect? why don’t you invest in regular and proper maintenance?

Stop Feeling Guilty and Stop  making Excuses!!!

Time to JUMP(Just Use My Power). That inner power to make the changes and get up and improve the Grind. A car cant work without Proper Maintenance so to your Body can’t work to it’s full potential without a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle which is a Balance Diet and Regular Exercise. The Balance Diet  is the fuel that keeps our body going and that is a topic of a next Blog but Regular Exercise to improve the functioning of the body, to improve the GRIND(higher production rate at work), to keep stress levels down, to cut medical bills(did i say that one Loud enough?), to be able to respond to emergencies just to name a few.

There are so many myths out there about working out/gyms/strength training etc, one cant truly be their Best without Proper Maintenance and that is by effectively improving the different components of fitness which we will look at in next weeks blog.

So time to get up, make that positive change, get moving, start exercising, get to a gym, get a Trainer or Training partner..

Effort Over Excuses.

You want to Improve your Grind. Add FITNESS to your Schedule.. No More Excuses, Make the Time, Make the Investment.

Don’t set Goals that you are going to Reach and go back to your Old Self, it’s Out with the Old habits and In with a New lifestyle, Yes make it a lifestyle change and you will see your Grind reach New Heights..

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