Mind Set

Have you ever stopped and put some serious thought into how important your mind set is to your everyday life?
Do you realize that it is the thin line between Normal and Great?
Many of us are so comfortable in that losing mind set because it is developed from what society has fed us even when they have taught us something different… puzzling but true.. stop and reflect on your life in general, then reflect on it over again focusing on the things that are labelled as failure… why did you just look at that simple situation 3 or 4 times.. I guess you are only now realizing that you missed a lesson in life, not only missed a lesson you handled the situation poorly. Is it too late to fix it? Whatever the answer you come up with you have started to cross over to that winning mind set. You now feel a rush of adrenalin, a hunger and craving for a better you but dang what are my friends and family going to say when I inform them of my next move? You just went 3 steps forward to run 10 back.
Yes you ran 10 steps back because you went back to the mind-set that your moves in life should be controlled by the opinions of Family, Friends and society rather than they supporting you or validating before you make that move… Remember my last blog spoke about Trusting the Process, well everything in this life we live is a process and the results of that process is guided by Your Mind set. Think of all the Greats or the Success Stories, what was the difference between them being normal or great? They All changed their mind set. They all changed what they would accept and what they would do different. When I tell people that I have learnt to live on 4hrs of sleep a day they look at me like you are crazy but I’m not.. I have to develop a winning mind-set that cause me to make changes on how I manage my 24hrs, what sacrifices I will make, what honest changes I had to make in my lifestyle, what things that I will keep in my heart and mind, what is friendship and who are the important pieces in my life.. You will hear my talk about a power circle from time to time and I will do a blog on it and you may be surprised at who or how I built my power circle but those are some of the serious changes I had to make in order to develop a Winning mind set. Some have bigger changes to make than others. Some just need to be willing to just JUMP. Stop take some time and invest in you and Reflect. Analyse your Mind set. Investigate if it’s making you a winner or loser we all want to be winners why sell ourselves short by not making an adjustment to the one thing that controls our every move. Our Mind set. The Key to the Great Person you were born to be.

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